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Tips for avoiding probation revocation

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

Probation is a sentencing option that allows offenders to remain under the eyes of law enforcement while living in the community.  Courts may offer probation as a condition of early release from incarceration or in lew of jail time for minor crimes and first-time offenders.

Violating the rules may result in a revocation of probation requiring you to serve the remaining or maximum time of the original crime. Following these tips may keep you out of jail.

Follow the rules of your probation

Ensure you have a thorough understanding of the details of your probation. Typical guidelines include:

  • maintaining employment
  • passing drug screenings
  • adhering to a curfew
  • attending meetings with your probation officer
  • going to school
  • not owning firearms
  • attend mandatory counseling
  • getting approval to leave Wisconsin

Breaking one of these rules may be a technical violation that might result in the courts amending or terminating your probation.

Get to know your probation officer

The person assigned to monitor your whereabouts and activities is your probation officer. You meet with them for regular check-ins, so having a positive relationship can make these appointments go smoothly.

Pay your fines

The court may require you to pay fees and restitution as a condition of your sentencing. Payment plans can make it easier to afford these fines, and low-income arrangements might be available. Paying your fees on time is necessary to avoid the revocation of your probation.

Following these tips makes it easy to get through your probation sentence without violations and the risk of revocation.



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