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What is the Wisconsin sex offender registry?

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

Wisconsin developed its sex offender registry in 1997. The log keeps information about people with sex offense convictions within the state.

For some offenders, it is mandatory to provide your personal details to go into the registry. The data is available to the public.

Sex offender registries

All states have sex offender registries. These databases help law enforcement and the public to be aware of where these offenders are within the community. They also help ensure compliance with specific regulations pertaining to those with a sex offense conviction. The reasoning behind this strict requirement is that sex offenders are highly likely to commit another sex offense, so to protect the public, the database allows the public to know when an offender lives in their neighborhood or is in an area where they could become a threat.


The Wisconsin Department of Corrections oversees the registry. The DOC helps ensure complete information and compliance with registration requirements. But only a court can order someone to put his or her name in the database. This usually occurs at the time of sentencing. The judge will alert the person that he or she must enter his or her information into the registry. Offenders can face additional penalties for not registering when ordered to do so.

The registry is kept updated, but the information may not be completely accurate. It requires offenders to provide correct details. It is usually up to the offender to provide the information and to keep it updated. The DOC publishes a warning that information may not be accurate due to this.



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