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3 ways to improve a co-parenting relationship

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2023 | Divorce |

When your romantic relationship ends in Wisconsin and the two of you share a child, you must learn to co-parent your child in a manner that keeps you sane and prioritizes your child’s well-being. Because there are often hurt feelings when a romantic relationship ends, many people in your shoes struggle to co-parent effectively with one another. However, the more you learn to do so, the more your son or daughter is going to benefit.

Per Medical News Today, effective co-parenting helps reduce a child’s levels of stress and anxiety. It also helps your child avoid developing a wide range of behavioral, physical and psychological symptoms that often manifest when a child’s parents have a contentious relationship. If you are looking to improve your co-parenting relationship for your child’s sake or the sake of the whole family, consider taking the following steps.

1. Figure out how to communicate

Some co-parents get along better when they minimize their communication with one another. If tension exists between you and your ex, consider communicating only about your child and only through an agreed-upon method, such as email.

2. Avoid badmouthing one another

A common mistake among individuals learning to co-parent involves speaking ill of the other parent in front of the child. This may lead your child to feel as if he or she must “take sides,” potentially harming the relationships between him or her and each parent.

3. Set rules ahead of time

Setting rules for your child ahead of time with regard to curfews, bedtime and so on may also help improve your co-parenting relationship from the outset.

Ultimately, co-parenting is about doing what serves your child’s interests, rather than your own.



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