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Dividing digital assets in a Wisconsin divorce

On Behalf of | May 28, 2024 | Divorce |

Dividing digital assets in a divorce can be challenging. As technology evolves, more people accumulate significant online properties.

It is important to understand how to handle these during a divorce.

Identifying digital assets

First, identify all digital assets. Common digital assets include online banking accounts, investment portfolios, social media profiles and digital entertainment libraries. Couples must also consider email accounts, blogs and domain names. Identifying these assets helps ensure a fair division.

Assessing the value of digital assets

Next, assess the value of each digital asset. Some digital assets, like digital investments, have clear financial values. Others, like social media accounts or digital photo libraries, may hold sentimental value. Couples should consider both financial and emotional values when dividing digital assets.

Managing control and access

A partner may have more control or access to certain digital assets than the other. It is important to maintain transparency and share necessary login information. Failing to disclose all digital assets can complicate the divorce process. Couples should list all digital assets and their respective values to facilitate an equitable division.

Handling cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a complex digital asset. Its value can fluctuate quite a bit, making it difficult to divide. Couples should consider current values and potential future changes. They may choose to divide the cryptocurrency evenly or offset its value with other assets.

Dividing digital assets requires careful consideration and open communication. Planning ahead can help both parties move forward and start the next chapter of their lives on a solid foundation.



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