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How is custody of children determined in Wisconsin?

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2018 | Family Law |

In Wisconsin, there are a number of different ways in which matters of child custody are handled. Mayer Law Office, LLC, will help you understand what a court will take into consideration when deciding who to grant custody of your children to.

Generally speaking, when the court awards custody, they’re looking at a few different factors. Depending on how old your child is, the court may take their opinion into consideration. This can include their preference, their bonds with both parents, and any potential allegations of neglect or abuse in a household.

If your child is too young for their opinion to properly be considered, other factors will be examined. For example, the community that you live in. Are you able to provide your child with adequate opportunities to advance and succeed in the future? Will they be properly cared for and safe under your supervision?

Finally, it’s important to note that in Wisconsin, shared custody is more common than primary custody. This means that instead of either you or your spouse having the most rights regarding your child, you both share your rights equally instead. This splits the burden of parenting, while also allowing your child to maintain bonds with both parents.

If you’re interested in reading more about matters of visitation rights and child custody arrangements after a divorce, our web page on divorce law may be helpful to you. After you understand the basics, you may benefit from seeking out a divorce attorney who can help you with the finer details.



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