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Is your spouse lying about their assets?

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2019 | Family Law |

Divorcing Wisconsin couples like you and your spouse have to go through the process of dividing your assets. In many cases, joint assets are split equally and tempers can run hot. Your spouse may also be asked to pay for alimony. However, in these cases, they may decide to hide assets instead. Mayer Law Office, LLC, is here to help if you think that may be the case for you.

People going through a divorce will primarily hide assets because they want to pay less, or give up less to their soon-to-be ex-partner. If they have fewer assets, they will have to give you less in the division. They may also be able to get their alimony payment lowered because it seems like they have less to give than they do.

That isn’t fair to you, though. This is supposed to be an equal division of assets and the support you need to stand on your own again after living on a two-person income for so long. You may then want to keep an eye out for signs that assets are being tampered with. This can include bills you don’t recognize, statements from banks or credit cards that you don’t know, or unusual purchases. Also check to make sure the balance in your checking accounts matches what the money is being withdrawn for.

Do you believe that your significant other might be hiding assets from you? If so, consider taking a look at our web page, linked here. You can also contact our attorneys to discuss your situation in greater detail.



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