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Reasons for divorce may complicate settlement

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When you first started having marital problems, you may have still been new to the marriage scene. Many Wisconsin spouses say they had their first fight on their honeymoon. Perhaps, during the first years or decade of your relationship, you tried to overlook each other’s faults and rise above any obstacles that surfaced in your relationship.

There are certain issues, however, that often cause an irreparable rift between spouses. Such issues often lead to divorce. These issues can also cause complications in divorce proceedings, which is why it pays to think ahead and reach out for additional support as needed so you can achieve a settlement in as swift and amicable a fashion as possible.

The big four

While issues like infidelity rank high on many lists citing marital problems that lead to divorce, there are four other issues that are most common among spouses who decide to move on in life without their partners. Perhaps, you can relate to those who say they fell out of love with their spouse. Lack of intimacy and companionship is one of the most common reasons people in Wisconsin and beyond file for divorce.

If you and your spouse have trouble communicating, you’re definitely not alone in your struggle. This is also a factor in many marriages that end in divorce. Lack of communication often sparks arguments, which, in turn, can cause contention between spouses that triggers other issues, such as lack of intimacy, as mentioned earlier. Lack of respect and growing apart are the other two most common reasons people decide to file for divorce.

How might these issues affect divorce proceedings?

When you file for divorce, especially if you and your spouse have children, there are numerous issues you must resolve in order to achieve a fair and agreeable settlement. If communication is a factor that caused a breakdown in your relationship, you might have a lot of trouble trying to peacefully negotiate the terms of a co-parenting plan.

If lack of respect was a problem in your marriage, it might also be problematic when it comes time to discuss property division or alimony. This is one of many reasons it pays to know your rights and how to protect them so that you get all that you’re entitled to in your settlement.

Build a strong support network

You may have already tried marriage counseling as a means of trying to work out the problems in your relationship. While you may have ultimately decided to divorce, it doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from counseling or other types of support as you come to terms your circumstances.

Relying on assistance from others can help you and your children gain the coping skills you need as you learn to function within a new family dynamic. Teachers, extended family members, trusted friends and legal advocates can be great assets that help you lay the groundwork for your new lifestyle.



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