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Can’t get to your child’s important events? Visit virtually

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2020 | Family Law |

In times when you can’t see your child regularly, whether it’s because of work or other responsibilities, it can put a real strain on that relationship. You might not be able to get home soon enough to make the afterschool run or to be there to get them off the bus, but you want to be there when you can.

Your child has recently been angry at you for missing his baseball game. Then, you missed one of his school recitals. It’s hard for you to get there from your workplace because you work an hour from home. You’ve tried, but you’re always late.

Something you may want to consider is virtual visitation. It’s a good option for parents who aren’t able to be physically present but who still want to be involved in their children’s lives. It’s not a replacement for physical visitation, but it can give you a way to be present even when you’re not able to be with your child in person.

Virtual visitation is an excellent choice for watching recitals, baseball games and other activities that you might miss out on because of distance. For example, you could ask your ex-spouse to set up a video call so that you can watch your child’s game or ask to be put on speakerphone to help your child practice their speech for school. It’s a good way to make time for your child, even when you have no way to be there.

If you’re missing out on your child’s extracurricular activities or need to speak with them more often, you may want to bring up this digital visitation option with your ex-spouse.



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