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Family law: Saying I do to a prenuptial agreement

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2020 | Family Law |

Couples who are planning to marry in the near future have many issues they need to discuss besides planning the actual wedding. Family law in Wisconsin paves the way for some of these discussions, which can center around financial matters. That’s when the prenuptial agreement talk might happen since more couples today are opting to have this document as a part of their wedding planning.

A few basics of a prenuptial agreement

  • A well-executed document is legally binding;
  • It can pertain to the individual circumstances of the couple;
  • It is best to be put into place sooner rather than later;
  • Chronicles the financial expectations within the marriage;
  • Should not contain any provisions related to child custody or support;
  • Can speak to the particulars of a business or businesses.

The primary purpose of a prenuptial agreement is to iron out the details of how assets and debts would be divided if the couple should ever divorce. It can detail such issues as inheritances, gifts, and trusts. Anything that pertains to finances that the couple deems important can be included in their prenuptial agreement. A confidentiality clause might also be included stipulating neither spouse is at liberty to share what is contained within the agreement.

In order for Wisconsin couples to have a prenuptial agreement that is legally binding each person might benefit from getting independent advice from an experienced family law attorney. A lawyer can focus on ensuring this important contract is legally valid. A lawyer see to it that his or her clients understand the rights that go along with this type of marriage contract.



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