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What does a divorce mediator do?

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2023 | Divorce |

When couples decide to get a divorce, they have numerous options when it comes to the method of the divorce itself.

These days, more people opt for alternative methods that avoid litigation. Mediation serves as one of the most popular of these methods.

What is mediation?

Forbes discusses the benefits and cons of divorce mediation. This popular method of handling divorce involves both parties in the couple discussing divorce-related matters with a third-party mediator.

It provides a great deal of control over the divorce, as the couple must come to a conclusion on all important matters like child custody, spousal support and more on their own.

However, it will not usually work for couples that cannot at least maintain a civil level of conversation with one another.

What can mediators do?

Mediators exist to guide couples through the discussions surrounding their divorce. They can offer guidance and opinions, as well as advice.

They may also step in to de-escalate arguments that seem to break out. On top of that, they ensure that everyone has an equal chance to discuss matters.

What don’t mediators do?

Mediators cannot pass down a legal decision like arbitrators or judges. Thus, the power and responsibility for reaching one lies entirely in the hands of the divorcing couple.

It is also not their duty to try to repair a relationship. Thus, anyone concerned about a mediator meddling in such a way should reconsider their concerns.

Mediation works for many couples looking for a more modern and hassle-free way of handling divorce.



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