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Drug court an alternative to incarceration for some offenders

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When authorities in Washington County, Wisconsin, charge you with a drug-related offense, it may upend many parts of your life if that charge leads to a conviction. Depending on the charge you face and the details of your arrest, you may have to pay steep fines and spend time in jail or prison, among other possible repercussions. However, in some cases, you may be able to have someone with the authority to do so refer you to the Washington County Drug Treatment Court.

Per Washington County, the county’s drug court program serves two key purposes. First, it seeks to give drug offenders an alternative way to face accountability for drug crimes, Second, it gives them the resources and knowledge they need to hopefully put their substance abuse issues behind them and abstain from future criminal behavior.

How to get into drug court

There are several ways to enter the Washington County Drug Treatment Court. You may be able to do so as part of a disposition agreement related to pending drug charges. You may also be able to do so as an alternative to revocation through the Department of Corrections. You may also be able to do so through the Department of Corrections as part of an “Agreement for Aided Individual.” Participation in drug court is voluntary, regardless of what party or agency refers you there.

How drug court participation helps you

The benefits of completing drug court may vary from one participant to the next. However, you should know ahead of time how your participation seeks to benefit you because you, your attorney and the prosecutor presiding over your case should have this figured out before you enter the program.

The drug court program also includes five distinct phases, and you must complete each face to graduate.



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