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The loss of your Wisconsin license over child support

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2023 | Blog, Divorce |

Whether you worry about losing your driver’s license or a recreational, professional or occupational license, it is important to understand how child support challenges you face could affect your licenses. If you cannot pay child support, you could face many other penalties as well, such as time behind bars or the loss of your passport as well as your tax refund.

If you end up losing your license, this could make it even more challenging for you to stay current on child support. For example, you might lose the ability to get to work every day and take care of other important responsibilities.

When does license suspension occur due to child support?

The Wisconsin Department of Children and Families reports that if you owe three months’ worth of back child support, the state’s child support agency could certify the suspension or denial of various licenses you have or want to obtain. If you find yourself in this position, the state could deny, restrict, suspend or choose not to renew your driver’s license, professional license, occupational license or recreational license.

Can you pay child support to get your license back?

The Department of Children and Families goes over some different ways that you might be able to restore your driving privileges or other types of licenses. For example, if you pay the entire amount of back child support you owe, set up a payment plan, reach out to the state’s child support agency or ask for a hearing, this could help you restore your license.



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