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What to do when someone files a restraining order against you

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

Wisconsin judges issue more than 7,000 restraining orders per year, according to the Wisconsin Department of Justice.

Finding yourself on the receiving end of a restraining order can be confusing and overwhelming, but you should approach the situation calmly and responsibly.

Read and comprehend the order

Upon receiving a restraining order, carefully read and understand the contents. Pay close attention to the restrictions outlined, such as specific locations or individuals you must avoid.

Maintain distance and respect boundaries

Refrain from any form of contact with the party specified in the order, be it in person, through messages or via social media.

Document everything

Keep detailed records of any interactions or incidents related to the restraining order. This may include dates, times, locations and descriptions of events. Such documentation can serve as evidence should you need to address the order in the future.

Attend court hearings

If you have a scheduled court hearing, you must attend. Failing to appear can have serious consequences and may impact the outcome of the case. Be punctual and dress appropriately, demonstrating respect for the legal process.

Seek mediation or counseling

In some cases, exploring options for mediation or counseling may be beneficial. This can prove a willingness to address the concerns raised in the restraining order and work towards a solution.

Follow legal procedures for modification

If circumstances change, and you believe a judge should modify the terms of the restraining order, follow the proper legal procedures to have this considered. This may involve submitting a request to the court for review.

Comply with any additional orders or conditions

In some instances, the court may impose additional orders or conditions alongside the restraining order. Abide by these as well, as non-compliance can result in further legal consequences.

Dealing with a restraining order can be a challenging experience, but by approaching it with responsibility, you will have a more positive outcome for your case.



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