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Nonmonetary contributions often matter when dividing property

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In many marriages, nonmonetary contributions, such as doing house chores and performing childcare, play a central role in maintaining the family’s well-being.

In the state of Wisconsin, divorce entails a fair division of assets, liabilities and property. Nonmonetary contributions also hold importance when dividing property.

Community property state

Wisconsin operates under a “community property” system. This means that the court may divide marital property equally in a divorce. However, nonmonetary contributions can influence the division of property and assets.

Impact on property division

While the division of property is generally equal, the court can account for nonmonetary contributions to adjust the distribution. For instance, if one spouse took on the majority of childcare responsibilities while the other focused on their career, the court may allocate a larger share of marital assets to the spouse who primarily cared for the children.

It is important to keep records of these contributions, such as documenting the time spent on childcare and other related responsibilities.

Household chores and maintenance

Household chores and maintenance also play a role in the division of property. If one spouse has been primarily responsible for maintaining the home and handling domestic tasks, their contributions can factor into the property division. While it may not result in a complete departure from an equal distribution, it can lead to a more equitable arrangement.

To ensure that the divorce proceedings acknowledge nonmonetary contributions, maintain clear records and documentation. A survey by the Pew Research Center indicates that spouses can have different perceptions about who does more. This is one reason documenting time spent and other factors may give a fairer assessment.

Spousal support is a separate issue from property division, but nonmonetary contributions can matter greatly there, too. As always, keep meticulous records.

Courts in Wisconsin evaluate many factors when considering property division and other issues in a marriage. Recognizing nonmonetary contributions promotes equity and helps individuals move forward after a divorce.



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