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Is your spouse hiding assets?

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2023 | Divorce |

Ensuring a fair division of assets is essential in the divorce process. However, achieving an equitable split can be challenging if your spouse conceals assets.

It is important to understand the legal landscape in Wisconsin to uncover hidden money and secure your financial future.

Why is finding assets necessary?

A poll revealed that 39% of people admitted to hiding purchases, bank accounts or other assets from their spouses. Concealed assets in a divorce can inflict lasting financial harm. The repercussions can affect your financial stability and prospects. Hidden assets may result in an uneven distribution of wealth, leaving you with an unjust share of liabilities and fewer resources to build a new life post-divorce.

How can you find hidden assets?

The law requires each spouse to provide a complete and honest statement of their holdings, including all financial accounts, properties, investments and sources of income. Knowing how to locate assets is vital.

  • Financial records: Bank statements, tax returns and investment portfolios can reveal hidden assets. Pay attention to any irregularities, transfers or unexplained expenditures. Manipulating financial records during divorce proceedings is unethical and against the law.
  • Business ventures: If one party owns a business, delve into its financial aspects. Your partner may attempt to hide assets within the company by inflating expenses or underreporting income.
  • Real estate holdings: Evaluate property records to confirm the full extent of holdings. Concealed assets may be in the form of additional properties, hidden ownership or undervalued real estate.
  • Professional assistance: Professionals, such as forensic accountants, can be instrumental in uncovering hidden assets. Their expertise can unearth discrepancies in financial documents and expose attempts to manipulate asset values.

A thorough knowledge of the laws and the methods of hiding monetary holdings can help you ensure a fair settlement.

Hidden assets undermine the pursuit of a fair and equitable resolution. You must know how to analyze monetary records to safeguard your financial interests.



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