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Could your spouse be hiding money?

Wisconsin couples who are getting a divorce are required by law to split their assets evenly or equitably. Unfortunately, some people do try to get around that by hiding some of these assets. We at Mayer Law Office, LLC, will discuss the action of hiding assets today.

What is a declaration of paternal interest?

If you father a child in Wisconsin, you have parental rights over that child. However, if you are not married to the mother of a child that you believe to be yours, you must take legal steps to assert your rights or face the possibility of their termination if the mother decides to put the child up for adoption. A declaration of parental interest, also known as a declaration of possible fatherhood, is the first step in the process of asserting your parental rights. 

Does divorce impact adult children?

As an older couple in Wisconsin that is considering divorce, you may believe that your adult children are well past the age where they might be seriously affected by it. However, it has been shown that no matter how old you or your children are, divorce can have a large negative impact.

What are age-appropriate ways to help children deal with divorce?

It is unavoidable that your divorce in Wisconsin will have an effect on your children. However, the way that your children react can vary depending on their ages. Younger children have difficulty understanding the rationale for the divorce even as they feel the increased tension between parents. Older children are more likely to side with one parent against the other or entertain fantasies of facilitating their parents' reconciliation. 

Coparenting and back-to-school planning

Wisconsin parents of school-aged children know that when the calendar flips to the month of August, going back to school is right around the corner. From backpacks to activity signups to packed lunches and more, the school year brings a unique set of demands and type of structure to a family's life. When children must live in two home due to their parents being divorced or separated, they need their parents to be able to work effectively together to make the transition back to school a smooth one and help the year run well.

Women, gray divorce and money

Residents in Wisconsin who get divorced often struggle to figure out way to rebuild their lives, both emotionally and financially. It is commonly acknowledged that divorce is a major and stressful event for anyone. Some research, however, is now showing that women who get divorced while in their 50s, 60s or later may experience particularly difficult financial problems that are even worse than those experienced by their male counterparts.

How can I protect my money from divorce loss?

If you are like most people in Wisconsin, when you are discussing the possibility of getting married with your partner, the last thing you want to think about is a potential divorce. However, with divorce so prevalent these days, it is normal for it to come into conversation and this is actually a good thing as it can initiate important conversations. When it comes to money, many people worry about how they can prevent losses in a divorce and some believe that simply keeping separate bank accounts is the answer. 

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